Tuesday night, after a long first day of free agency, Bill Belichick answered some questions from fans via his girlfriend Linda Holliday’s Twitter account.

Most of the questions didn’t really have anything to do with the Patriots or how they’ll handle free agency, but it gave the coach a chance to open up a bit on some much more important things.

One fan asked if the head coach owned any sweatshirts with sleeves, while another asked what his favorite coaching memory was? The one question that caught Toucher & Rich’s attention was about Bill’s favorite Bon Jovi song.

The coach revealed that his favorite Jovi song is “Bounce” from the band’s 2002 album of the same name. The guys did a little research and found out an interesting fact: it’s a song that was dedicated Belichick.

T&R break down some of the lyrics and play a small sample of the Jovi tune.


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