By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BERKLEY (CBS) – A snowplow driver in the town of Berkley isn’t sure if it was BBs or pellets he was dodging during the height of last week’s snowstorm, but it was enough to shatter his window.

Holes where pellets or BBs struck a snowplow in Berkley.

Holes where pellets or BBs struck a snowplow in Berkley.

It happened on quiet, residential Howland Street. “All of a sudden, I heard ‘whack’,” said Joe Martin. “You’re in the truck 17 hours in a day. Then you hear something that didn’t sound right, and then all you hear are the pops.”

Martin was uninjured, but has punctures all over his front windshield, and shattered glass where the window completely caved-in behind his head.

“Say it’s an irate person,” said his boss, Highway Surveyer Scott Fournier. “I don’t want them to get a bigger firearm. You know, next time we go plowing down there, is someone going to come out with a 22?”

Police Chief Scott Labonte says Martin is lucky. “If the driver was hit and lost control of a 20,000 pound vehicle, he could have injured himself or another driver,” he said. “It’s disturbing that somebody would be shooting at a plow truck when the plow drivers are out trying to clear the road and ensure safe passage.”


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