By Lisa Hughes, WBZ-TVBy Lisa Hughes

ROME (CBS) – The day started with unbelievably good news.

The iPhone 5 I left in a cab on Friday evening (!!) was returned to the residence for American priests where we did our last interview that day. What?

In a city with five million people, some kind soul found my lost phone, noticed the brochure about the residence that I also left on the seat AND RETURNED IT!

Trust me, I am looking for any opportunity to “pay forward” that kindness.

Now to the scene in Rome.

Cardinals held their final meetings this morning. One hundred fifty two cardinals were present, 28 spoke. That means, since they started meeting last week, roughly 160 speakers have held the floor. That’s a lot of discussion. Some vaticanisti (Italian journalists who cover the Vatican) believe that suggests cardinals have done their research and will be poised to vote in a short conclave.

Remember, only 115 of the cardinals are able to vote because they are younger than 80.

I was a bit star-struck twice today–first by longtime Vatican journalist and author, John Thavis. His book, “The Vatican Diaries” is a valuable resource and an interesting read.

Even he is taken aback by the serious consideration being  given to Cardinal Sean and Cardinal Dolan.

Then, two hours later, I said hello to CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose.

I can’t give away his story for tomorrow morning. But let me say…he is brave!


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