In this weeks edition of 10 Questions with Wiggy, some of the topic include, Bruins-Canadiens, Celtics playoff picture, Rory McIlroy’s tooth ache, Wes Welker, and much more.
10 Questions with Wiggy:
10. If you could take any player off the Montreal roster and put him on the Bruins, who would it be?

9. Take a look at the NBA standings. The Celts are a game in the loss column out of the 4,5, and 6 seeds and six games in the loss column out of New York in the No. 3 spot. What’s a realistic landing spot for the Celts?

8. Dennis Rodman set U.S. diplomacy back about 60 years with a recent visit with Kim Jong-un in North Korea. If you could go on a diplomatic mission to any country to meet any ruler, who would it be?

7. Give me a number for Michelle Obama.

6. What team do you hate the most in all of sports?

5. Rory McIlroy last week withdrew from the Honda classic with a tooth ache. What’s the most embarrassing injury you ever suffered that caused you to miss time?

4. Beetle has set the total for games played by David Ortiz this year at 81. You got the over or the under?

3. Wes Welker is said to have “mild distain” for the Patriots after the way things went earlier in the season. You played for five teams in 11 seasons in the NFL and probably went to a few more camps. What team or coach did you have the most “mild distain” for?

2. If the NHL had franchise tags, who would be the one player on the Bruins you would franchise?

1. What team will most regret not franchising what player yesterday?

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