A Blog by Gary LaPierre

I remember distinctly, talking to an insurance rep in Florida about adding “sink hole” coverage to my property in Florida.  I assured him I’d do that as soon as I got earthquake coverage for my property in Massachusetts. (not gonna happen)   But WoW, have you seen that sink hole story in Florida where a guy was sleeping in his bed and the  entire bedroom dropped into a 100-foot deep hole.    He disappeared, probably never to be seen again.  That is scary stuff.   I’m checkin’ now to see if my home is near a fault line in Massachusetts.

Former Pope Benedict.  This poor man can’t buy any good publicity, except for the unanimity that his decision to quit was perhaps his best legacy. All the arguing over what should they call him….Pope Emeritus, Emeritus Pope….former Papa….whatever.  There’s a columnist for Cox Newspapers trying to pitch the one-time pontiff to come to Florida for retirement and not bother with a fixer-upper monastery at the Vatican.   Writer Frank Cerabino argues,  “Florida is the land of miracles,  we’re not just talking hip replacements…and….think about it Your Holiness, there’s no reason to feel cast aside and too old for the world……that’s why God made Florida.     Love it!

Dennis Rodman; arguably one of the best rebounders ever to play the game, but a complete and total idiot.  He’s in love with Kim Dung whatever and do you believe this?  Rodman comes back from a trip to North Korea expressing his love for one of the most horrific tyrant dictators of modern time and knucklehead George Steponallofus puts him on prime time national television for an in-depth interview. Rodman isn’t even sure what country he was in and Step-on-all-of-us was treating this creep like he actually had a brain.  I do hope the network is truly embarrassed by that one.

Alright….a couple more “stuff” quickly…..Jodi Arias, the whack-job who slaughtered her boyfriend with guns and knives in Arizona.  Do we really need to wait for a verdict.   Guilty….Bye Bye!     John Kerry, though Massachusetts is surely delighted we don’t have to put with him anymore, he’s handing out our money…..yes yours and mine….to the Islamic  Brotherhood in Egypt.   190-million first with a follow up check for 60-million more, just to try and convince Brotherhood  surrogate Morsi that we’re nice people.   Nice goin’ John!   One more……..did you see the first-ever woman trying out for the NFL as a kicker?    Was that hysterical or what!!   20-yards on the first boot…..oops……19 yards on the second kick.   Back to the gym Honey…..maybe next year. ;-)


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