WASHINGTON (CBS) – A sci-fi slip by President Obama during a sequester-related news conference blew up on the internet Friday, invoking the wrath of both Star Trek and Star Wars fans, and quickly becoming a sideshow.

When talking about Republican leaders, Obama said he couldn’t do a “Jedi mind meld” to persuade them into a budget agreement.

Fans were quick to point out that the “Jedi mind trick” comes from Star Wars, while the Vulcan mind meld is a Star Trek reference.

Jedi Mind Melt quickly turned into a trending topic on Twitter. Some tweeters, including CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller pointed out the obvious.

Among others who weighed in on the gaffe was Boston-born Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy.

Even the White House acknowledged the mix-up (sort of) in a tweet several hours later. Note the competing fonts:

Obama’s comment came during a question and answer session from the media in the White House briefing room shortly after he met with congressional leaders.


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