By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

WALTHAM (CBS) – Potholes are causing big problems for drivers in Eastern Massachusetts. All over the Boston area gaping craters are wrecking tires and rims.

In Waltham, it got even worse after Wednesday’s torrential rains. A huge pothole on Lexington Street claimed multiple victims. That included Dave Weiser.

“It looked like a big crater on the side of the road,” he said as he waited for a tow truck. “Low and behold I hit it with both tires and blew them both out so there’s a nice man with a flat bed truck, coming to pick me up very shortly.”

At Creonte Tire and Auto Repair in Waltham, there is a pile of blown tires and dented rims.

“It was a bad day for most people,” said owner Bill Creonte.

The roads are as bad as Creonte has seen them in a few years. In 24 hours, he helped a dozen pothole victims.

“It was just one after another, after another, and the ironic part was it was the same two potholes.”

Steve Vasquezi hit one of them.

“I couldn’t see because it was completely covered in muddy water,” he said of the Warren Street pit that took out two of his tires.

That same pothole caused damage to more than half dozen cars Wednesday evening before Waltham city workers patched it and put up cones.

“That was huge. I dropped almost about a foot. It felt rough.”

The City of Waltham says like other towns, it’s working hard to keep up. There is a spot on the website to report potholes and each morning, crews head out to patch them.

The steady stream of snowstorms in February made the roads rough and then heavy rain washed away many of the temporary patches.


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