MANSFIELD (CBS) – A counterfeit $100 bill was good enough to fool workers at Shaw’s supermarket and good enough to pass the marker test, but detectives determined it was fake after finding a couple of subtle discrepancies.

Police say someone walked into the market back on February 18 and bought a small bag of Doritos, Dentyne Gum, and two 16 oz Cokes. The bill came to $6.52.

The $100 bill he paid with had a watermark of Abraham Lincoln and a security strip from a $5 bill.

(Photo Credit: Mansfield Police)

(Photo Credit: Mansfield Police)

Police describe the suspect as a thin built white or Hispanic male with chin strap facial hair. He was wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, a dark colored baseball hat with a gray visor with a large sticker on it.

There was a large emblem on the front of the hat but police aren’t certain what that emblem depicts.

Anyone with information should call Mansfield police.


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