By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Just a couple of hours left to the month of February…and this one was like the February’s we used to get as kids, colder and snowier than normal.  We averaged one degree below normal per day.  The warmest temp recorded this month was 47 degrees and the coldest was 15 degrees.  But this month will be remembered for it’s snow…34 inches in total were measured at Logan Airport.  That’s 22 inches above the normal for the month and 5th on the list of all-time snowiest February’s.

As we close out the month, many are thinking Spring…sunshine, warm temps and blooming flowers…not so fast!  An upper level storm system will sit and spin over New England for several days…through the weekend and beyond.  This will lock in ample clouds and coolish temps…yes 40 is better than 30 degrees but we aren’t going to be basking in warmth anytime soon.  Along with the clouds, occasionally little spokes of energy will rotate around the upper-level storm leading to a few rain or snow showers…nothing major.

The next big storm potential is the middle of next week when a strong East Coast storm will develop…right now indications are that it will stay south of us but it needs to be watched very closely.


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