By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

ALTON, NH (CBS) – The school board member who held up a knife during a recent school board meeting, says he has no regrets.

“All I did was hold it up as a prop and I said this is what I don’t want on campus,” Stephen Miller told WBZ-TV in an exclusive interview Thursday.

The incident, which was captured on video, has since gone viral.

It happened during a discussion about knives on school grounds.

“This is essentially legal on campus and you can walk around with it,” Miller is heard telling the board while holding up the knife.

Miller says he wants a stricter policy and held up the knife with a 3 and 1/2 inch blade while making his case.

The school board chairman clearly was not happy.

“Please keep your knife in your pocket,” said Chairman Jeff St. Cyr. “You have an open knife blade piercing a school board meeting.”

Several parents were not amused either, saying whether or not they agree with Miller’s point, flashing a knife at a meeting showed a lack of judgment.

“I teach my kids you don’t bring things like that to school,” said Keith Dube, who has two kids in the district. “So what’s a school board telling people if they’re bringing weapons into a school board meeting.”

Parents are now talking about a recall effort.

“The thought of him doing what he did was a little bizarre,” said parent Eric Pelton, who also works at the school. “He was trying to make a point but the way he went about it was absolutely not the right way.”

New Hampshire State Police are investigating to see if Miller broke any laws when he brought out the knife.

But Miller says he would do it again.

“You should be upset,” said Miller. “I have no business bringing a knife on campus.”


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