BOSTON (CBS) – Laurie Lindop and her dog Marley were warming up Monday night after going into the frigid waters of the Jamaica Pond earlier in the day.

“She does everything with me. We spend almost all of our time together,” said Laurie. “I would do anything for this dog.”

On Monday, anything included risking her life. Marley was off-leash as she and Laurie walked the bike path around the pond. Something caught Marley’s attention and she ran onto the ice, crashing through several feet from shore.

“She had her little forearms up on the ice trying to get out, and she couldn’t get out she was crying,” said Laurie.

Laurie broke a path in the ice to reach her frightened and frozen dog.

“My chest was getting really tight,” said Laurie, “and I was having trouble breathing as I was getting closer to her so I started screaming help, help, help.”

Passersby called police and when Laurie finally got out of the water, they gave her their own clothes to keep her warm.

“If there hadn’t been people around, I would have been really scared,” she said.

Lindop was taken to the hospital as a precaution but she says she is feeling fine.

Marley was not injured.


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