BOSTON (CBS) – With Thursday’s NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, the Boston Celtics have been involved in a plethora of rumors.

The Clippers are reportedly backing off their proposed blockbuster for Kevin Garnett, but the Celtics would like to make the deal. In turn, that would likely mean the end of Paul Pierce’s days in green as well. But, these are all just rumors, and Danny Ainge did his best on Tuesday to say he didn’t think anything major would get done.

So how does one make sense of all this?

Matt Moore, senior NBA Blogger for CBS Sports, joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Johnston and Flynn to try and do just that. While trading Garnett and Pierce is unlikely, Moore says it will remain a possibility until 3 p.m. passes on Thursday.

“It’s unlikely but I think it’s certainly possible. They’re definitely talking and exploring these deals in looking for this major blowup move,” said Moore. “But the problem for them is trying to get a good return in this market — particularly for Paul Pierce — is difficult. And with Garnett’s no-trade clause you have to trade Pierce to deal Garnett. It’s a package deal, so that causes some complications.”

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“The fact is Pierce is too good to trade for little return. You have to get great return back for him, but because of his age and his contract, it’s hard to get something premiere for him,” said Moore. “It’s a difficult market, and that’s why its hard to see them actually make this move.”

“They may make a small move to address luxury tax concerns, and just kind of tweak the team,” noted Moore.

A couple of other moves the Celtics have been connected with involve the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. There were rumors of the C’s being involved in talks for center Marcin Gortat earlier this season, and the Bucks are currently looking to ship out Samuel Dalembert.

Could the Celtics hold on to Pierce and Garnett, and look to add to the team in hopes of another second-half surge?

“It’s possible. They have both Courtney Lee and Jason Terry who they could include in a deal, and those teams are looking for manageable contracts,” said Moore. “Terry’s age is an issue, but I think Lee could get some good value.”

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“Phoenix is really looking to move Gortat and sending him out in every deal,” noted Moore. “Milwaukee is another team that has been very active. They have Dalembert along with a logjam down low with a ton of big guys that are very young and good. It’s another move I can see them making, but it’s a matter of them making it work.”

“It’s a matter of really how much the Celtics are willing to spend in a year without Rondo,” said Moore.


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