BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston University Professor is facing domestic assault and battery charges after he allegedly “thumped” a woman in the side while wearing brass knuckles.

Last week, police were called to the Arlington home of Pedro C. Lasarte, 65, a Spanish professor in the Romance Studies department at BU, after a woman told police she was assaulted.

When police arrived, Lasarte was reportedly belligerent with police and told them the woman had taken his credit card and used it for $3,000 worth of purchases. He denied abusing the woman, police say.

The woman told police she was washing dishes when Lasarte took a set of keys and began “scraping” the end of the key against her arm, making scratches.  She told police that Lasarte was upset she was washing the dishes as he likes to wash them at night. According to police, the victim told them he then took out brass knuckles and said, ‘I know where to hit you with these where there won’t be a mark.”

The woman told police Lasarte then “thumped” her lightly in the left rib cage with the brass knuckles.

Police arrested Lasarte and charged him with one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (brass knuckles) and one count of carrying a dangerous weapon (brass knuckles).

A spokesperson at Boston University said Lasarte is currently not teaching and in a “no-pay status.”


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