Gresh & Zolak began Tuesday’s show discussing Rob Gronkowski’s excessive partying and how big of a distraction it is becoming for the New England Patriots.

“We have talked about this issue before;  I was very vocal on the Bibi Jones thing, because I think you have to be careful with how you position the Patriots’ brand,” said Gresh. “Let’s start with this; because Rob Gronkowski is hurt and now under contract, are the rules of engagement different for him? Do you look at it differently given the fact some things have changed, not just for him but with the Patriots.”

“I’ve said it a billion of times, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness,” said Gresh. “With Gronkowski, the childlike naivete, the bull in a china shop attitude is great for Rob Gronkowski when he’s in the Super Bowl and he has three people trying to drag him down. It’s also the same personality that comes out when he’s had a few and is dancing in Vegas, dropping the DDT on your brother like Jake the Snake.”

“If this is in-season, this is a major issue with the organization,” said Zo. “There is an attractive quality he has where a lot of young guys look at him and say he’s crushing it right now. He’s your modern-day transformer in an NFL player’s body. He walks into any situation and he wants to take control of it in a fun way that goes too far. He doesn’t know when to say no. I think the biggest problem around him is the three brothers; they’ve been doing this a long time. It’s almost like it’s a tradition for them.”

“At what point does he say ‘wow, I’ve done something that is really conduct detrimental to the team.’?” questioned Zolak.

“Going out and dancing and hooting and hollering is one thing; throwing yourself around and being physical is another issue,” added Gresh. “To whom much is given, much is expected. He’s been given a lot of money by this organization, and they have put a lot of faith in this guy.”


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