A Blog by Gary LaPierre

If I hear one more allegedly competent reporter ask the NFL Commissioner if he would let his young son play football…..I think I’m going to scream.   What in Hell do you think he’s going to say…………”no I would not, football is much too dangerous?”      Come on…please!   Until you’re confronted with the question in your own family……..it’s a dumb question.    Go ahead……..ask me.     Answer:  “yes I would…..and did.”  Why not ask Ray Lewis, the convicted criminal if he’s happy with his Super Bowl ring.   What do you expect him to say….”just in time for dear hunting season?”  How bout if we ask the NFL Commissioner about the lack of some holding calls in the latter part of Super Bowl this year.   Not that I’m a skeptic, but isn’t it amazing, the point spread was three points before game-time…..Baltimore was supposed to win by three.   The 49ers are getting croaked through the entire first half…….there’s a blackout….and all of a sudden,  San Fran scores two touchdowns and a field goal in about four minutes time, it brings the score to the bookie spread of three points, a couple of “no-calls” in the final two minutes and the Ravens win by three. What a great country eh?    Oh and by the way, in spite of all the slobbering by the CBS commentators in New Orleans, I thought Beyoncé was not up to expectations. Sorry.

President BHO was asked the same question, apparently the reporter expecting something less than an idiotic response.  The Prez doesn’t have any sons…..what might you expect him to say?    The one I did like however was the President being asked about women being used in military combat.   BHO says he’s in favor…….riiight………..sure he is!!   Wait till the two Presidential daughters are required to go to the draft board and register for the draft……..then we’ll see if he’s still in favor.   No question, the majority of folks polled think women in combat should happen, and it probably will, but wait  until registering for the draft comes up….and it will.

Just one other note quickly, I remember the first time I stepped into the convention hall at a National Political Convention and saw a reasonably posh, but not overly ostentatious TV booth housing Al-Jazeera.   Right there next to CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox….whatever….sharing the similar prominent space…….Al-Jazeera…..that anti-American mouthpiece for international terrorists…..I was disgusted.   So need I tell you what I think of  Big Al Gore, one-time Vice President of the United States, parlaying Current TV Network which he founded, into a $500 million payday for his fat pockets?     DON’T EVEN ASK!!!!!!


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