Well,  I keep on searchin’ for the things in everyday life that might make me (us) happy and believe me, sometimes it’s really tough.  Shuffling through the daily newspapers this week, and checking the source of the hype on network television, it’s not just tough, it’s damn near impossible to find anything you can believe in…..even if you read it and see it with your own eyes.    “Obama presses for changes” saying “now is the time for action on immigration.”    On the surface, sounds good.  In reality, an issue he’s done nothing about for the past four years, or until 4 other Dems and 4 Republicans came up with a plan……now BHO has gotta fly all the way to Las Vegas to see if he can steal the thunder from the others.  What a scam, and you know what, none of it will accomplish a bloody thing unless we secure the borders “first” and the community organizer from the murder capital of the country says he can’t wait for that….”we’ll secure the borders eventually.”   What a joke.

, and if you think that’s disconcerting for our well-being, our tail-wagging Governor, Deval is giving John Kerry’s old Senate Seat to MO!    Yes Mo Cowan, former legal counsel to Deval Patrick will serve the interim term as U. S. Senator for Massachusetts and I’d like to say….congratulations to the Boston Globe (not something I say too often) for pointing out the surprising and disappointing choice of Mo who possesses zero credentials for such an office. Considering the abundance of political talent available in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,  it’s brimming with talent, far beyond that of John Kerry for that matter, and Deval is appointing Mo?   What could you be thinking Governor?   Right height for the job?

Oh, one more thing on John Kerry’s predecessor as Secretary of State….Go and rest Hillary…write another book…..nurse that bump on your head, rest up for that run in 2016 and you just forget about things like Benghazi.  That’s all over for you, Congress obviously doesn’t care, the mainstream media apparently doesn’t care…and to use your own words “at this point what does it really matter how those people died?”   Bqhatevwr!


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