New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined Felger and Massarotti on Radio Row in New Orleans to talk about his forearm injury and the loss in the AFC Championship.

“It’s doing good. It doesn’t hurt no more so that’s a benefit,” Gronkowski said of his broken arm. “I’m a couple of weeks right out of surgery, so I’m just taking it easy.”

Gronkowski said his rehab will begin next week, and that this time around, he won’t be in a big rush to get back on the field. Despite the fact that he looked to still be nursing an injured arm when he returned to the field in Week 17, Gronkowski said he doesn’t feel as though he came back too early.

“Nah, I wouldn’t say that at all. I was cleared by the doctors, and as a football player, you want to be out there,” Gronkowski said. “It’s just a freak accident. It just happened. To land on it the wrong place the second time, and even how it happened the first time. It’s just frustrating and you can’t do anything about that.”

Regarding the nursing of his injured arm in the Miami game, Gronk said, “I just wasn’t fully confident in the Miami game to use my arm like that. So that’s why I was blocking with one hand. It was good to get out there and get the speed of the game. You want to get ready for the playoffs, so you don’t want to miss five or six games and all of a sudden get thrown out there in the playoffs.”

Tony Massarotti and Michael Felger asked Gronkowski if he needs to change his bruising style of play in order to stay healthy.

“You play the game how you play the game. … You’re playing football, you’re not going to come out 100 percent healthy every game,” Gronkowski said. “You’re getting drilled, you’re getting hit every single time, every single play. Why would I change my playing style? It got me so far, it got me here to where I am now. I love the banging and I love the hitting. I love the hits. I probably will never change it — that would be soft.”

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