SALEM (CBS) – If you enjoyed last winter’s mild and almost snowless winter, you were not alone. So did the rats.

Now, cities across the Northeast are seeing a rat population “explosion,” according to Salem Health Agent Larry Ramdin.

“Winter conditions slow down their breeding,” Ramdin said.”We had an explosion of rats we normally wouldn’t typically see in a New England winter.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

In Salem, they are bumping up the budget to try to deal with the problem. The City Council approved a transfer of an additional $1,500 for rodent control to try to solve the issue.

Ramdin said Chicago is having a similar problem.

CBS Chicago reported in August, the city saw a 28-percent increase in rat population.

In Boston, inspectors found more than 50 burrows at two Fenway sites in August and evidence the rats were migrating to other nearby areas.

In November, the city put control efforts in place after rats were said to be “overrunning” Castle Island.

Ramdin said to be mindful of leaving food and water out because that is what attracts rats to properties.


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