By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s hard to find the perfect work to describe ‘cold’ when it’s gets this cold. You may say that it’s downright cold, dangerously cold, or uncomfortably cold. What’s your word or phrase du jour? It’s already colder outside this morning when compared to just 24 hours ago. Highs will be in the high single digits to lower teens for areas far north and west of 495, but most areas will top off in the middle to upper teens. This is nowhere close to the record for the ‘lowest high temps’ for Boston…8F in 1907…or for Worcester…4F in 1907.

Check: latest conditions

Friday will be the beginning of a gradual ‘warm-up’. Highs will return to the lower 20s. It will be a sunny morning, but two pieces of energy jetting this way from the west will be the culprits for increasing cloud cover later in the day.

A quick system will blow by Friday night through Saturday morning. We will see scattered light snow from this area of low pressure. From southern Plymouth and Bristol counties to the Cape/Islands, a 1-3″ swath of snow is possible. Areas south of Pike to the Cape Cod Canal will receive a coating to 1″ of snow. Then, north of the Pike will receive just a few snow showers. We will continue to monitor the exact track.

This weekend shows promise of ‘milder’ temperatures. Saturday will begin with clouds and a few lingering snow showers for southeastern Massachusetts. Then, a bright and blustery afternoon will follow suit. There may be a few ocean-effect snow showers hanging tough throughout the day for the Outer Cape/Islands. Highs will be in the middle 20s. Sunday will be sunny, blustery, but even warmer as high approach the 30F degree mark! Hooray! ;)

Models are indicating a nice warm-up by the middle of next week when temps may reach 40F on Tuesday and near 50F on Wednesday!

One Alarm Clock Away…
~Melissa :)


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