By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – There is no doubt that social media websites have become the new way people communicate with each other. In fact Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become so popular that schools like Mount Wachusett Community College have hired a media specialist to pay very close attention to what students are saying online.

“It’s important because it’s where our students are,” Director of New Media Sarah McMaster said. “We need to be where they are and engage with them on their terms.”

Everyday McMaster sits in front of her computer and closely monitors what her students are saying about the school and each other. “I see a lot that’s going and I’m watching a lot of conversations that are happening. Students need to be aware that what they are dong online is public and on the record,” McMaster said.

Many students feel it’s better to be monitored to protect and help anyone in need. “There are a lot of stresses in school, along with being bullied within the college,” student Andrew Constant said. “A lot of teachers and faculty don’t take students seriously when it comes to personal threats to themselves or others, so it’s good someone is keeping an eye on it,” Constant said.

The job pays between $50-$65,000 depending on experience.


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