BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a slow day for George Washington, extending a cup to passersby, scraping together whatever change he can get.

He’s not a big fan of the possible new City of Boston ordinance putting limits on panhandling.

The city says the real issue is more aggressive panhandlers who weave in and out of traffic in an unsafe manner.

They could be barred from certain areas or even face fines.

The mayor says something has to be done.

“Do I want to punish people because they’re homeless and coming out of addiction programs? No, I don’t, but they can’t harass people as they walk the streets or sit in their cars. That’s something I won’t tolerate,” Mayor Tom Menino said.

Back on the street, George Washington says no ordinance will keep him from holding out that cup.

“Take me to jail, I need to be out here to support myself,” he said.


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