By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

WAREHAM (CBS) – Wareham Police are looking for a police impersonator who pulled a woman over and beat her with a flashlight.

The victim spoke exclusively to WBZ-TV. She asked that her name not be released, but she wants other women to hear her story.

The woman was driving down Main Street, a quiet, secluded road a couple miles outside of town. She noticed an SUV driving close behind her. Then she saw a flashing blue light on the windshield so she pulled over.

“At first glance he was kind of dressed the part. He came over to the car told me I had a taillight out,” she recalls.

The man identified himself as a police officer and asked for her driver’s license. He was wearing a fluorescent yellow coat like one an officer might wear on traffic detail. But when the supposed officer started leaning into her car the woman knew something was wrong.

“He smelled like alcohol,” she said. “Asked me to get out of the vehicle and that’s when I knew he really wasn’t a police officer.”

Her instincts were right. As the victim tried to roll up her window and drive away she says the fake cop attacked.

“He swung at me and hit me in the face with his flashlight,” she says.

Lt. Kevin Walsh of the Wareham Police Department says the victim did the right thing by refusing to get out of the car. “He did not have any identification, badge or anything,” Walsh says.

Police want to catch this suspect. They are worried he’ll try something like this again or perhaps that he’s tried to pull women over before.

“We want people to know be safe follow your instincts. If you are alone, don’t be pulled over in a dark area by yourself,” Walsh advises.

This victim wasn’t badly hurt, but she shudders to think what would have happened if she hadn’t followed her gut.

“What do you think this guy wanted from you?,” asked WBZ. “I’m not sure. It’s scary to think about,” she said.

The suspect was driving a dark colored SUV or pick up truck. He is described as 5’8” with dark hair and a distinctive Adam’s apple. He was wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket with a dark colored button up shirt underneath. Anyone with information is asked to call the Wareham Police at 508-291-2300.


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