By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Congrats to all, you have made it through the harshest part of this cold air outbreak…from here on out it won’t hurt when you go outside.  The day started out with temps in the single digits and negative numbers for most in Southern New England and climbed back into the lower and middle 20s…making this the coldest day since last January 15th…almost an entire year!

The pattern will remain quiet through the weekend and temps will reach the 30s during the days…making it a more “normal” stretch of WInter weather.  We’ve been talking for days about a January Thaw and more and more info is pointing to just that next week.  High pressure will set up off the Eastern Seaboard…something you typically see in the Summer months.  This will pump milder air up the East Coast and temps will be on the climb through the 40s and maybe even 50 at some point next week.  There is a chance for a mid-week storm but if it were to hit us, it would be rain with all that warm air present.


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