BOSTON (CBS) – A South End man is facing armed robbery charges after authorities say he stole a hairdryer, condoms, cologne, and other items from a man he met online, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

Marcus Jackson, 25, was being held on $10,000 cash bail after his arraignment Monday in West Roxbury District Court.

According to Boston police, Jackson and another man were at the alleged victim’s home on Morrell Street Sunday evening, when an argument broke out.

The resident, who told officers he had met Jackson and the other man on Craigslist and invited them over, said he asked them to leave, but they refused.

The two men started grabbing items from the victim’s home, including his cell phone, police said.

The victim ran outside, flagged down a plow driver and used the plow driver’s cell phone to call 911.

Responding officers spotted Jackson running nearby, and stopped him.

Officers say they recovered a hairdryer, bottles of Bacardi rum and Bailey’s Irish Cream, Eternity for Men cologne; a stick of deodorant; seven condoms, and a metal case containing about 20 DVDs that Jackson was carrying.

The victim positively identified Jackson as one of the men who stole from him, and identified each of the items as belonging to him.

The officers were unable to track down the other suspect, who was identified only as “Terrance.”


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