ROXBURY (CBS) – A species of bird that typically lives around the Arctic Circle turned up in Boston on Thursday.

Officials at Boston Rescue Two Firehouse reported that someone dropped off the bird after finding it in Egleston Square, exhausted and unable to fly.

Folks at the MSPCA said the bird is a typically-Arctic-dwelling Common Murre. However, rescue crews involved in the bird’s rescue said Mass. Audobon officials identified it as an Arctic Little Auk.

They pointed out that bird’s beak features and its size were that of an Arctic Little Auk, not the larger Murre.

The Auk frequents coastal areas of Canada, Greenland, and Iceland; and is rare in New England.

Crews at the Firehouse named the bird “Olive” before turning it over to the MSPCA. Olive is expected to be sent to Tufts Animal Hospital for further evaluation.


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