A Blog by Gary LaPierre

I’ve been terribly quiet recently in this space,  for a multitude of reasons with which I won’t bore you but I must say, the timing in many ways was perfect.  It prevented me from continuing a tirade over the last election returns and the grossly misguided voters who put the Chicago community organizer back into office for another four years.   I’ll buy all the reasons for NOT voting for Romney, but I can’t seem to digest a single plausible reason for voting FOR the other guy.  It simply makes no sense….but…..”it is what it is” as the saying goes and I too will look forward to the next four years in the US of A.

Hurricane Sandy is another one of those things that defies rational explanation.  It was a totally out-of-character act of nature which most likely will never happen again in our lifetime.   That has no explanation…….but what this country did when it came to dealing with the tragedy should embarrass us all.   Of all the tragic world events this country has responded too, from World Wars to horrific acts of nature to the nine-eleven attack on this country which proved to be the bloodiest, deadliest single incident in the history of the world and FEMA still can’t turn the lights back on in parts of New York and New Jersey.   BHO rides through ONE TIME, gets a bear hug from Mr. Big & Loud from New Jersey (Chris) promises FEMA will be right there with the victims…and what was done…….For weeks and weeks and weeks?    Nothin’!

Then of course there’s Newtown, Connecticut.    Everyone has something to say about that one and I for one believe that 99 out of every 100 people who comment should just shut up.    I guess there’s something cathartic about commenting on such tragedies, but thanks to the social media, the comments are out of control and most of those commenting…..are idiots.   Want to do something about mental illness in this country?   Want to debate gun control in this country?    Fine….but for God’s sake,  just shut up until we can get those tiny little bodies into graves.    What a horrific scar on who and what we are…as a society.

Alright, enough already.   It’s the Christmas and Holiday season….time to be of good cheer….so lets end on a happy note.      Hmmmm!   Let me think!   Oh here’s one…the Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars.    Good thing they weren’t playing the Sisters of Notre Dame…they’d have lost.   Oh and one more real good thing.  John Kerry, the most disingenuous do-nothing politician I’ve ever encountered, will be leaving Massachusetts for a new job.  BHO got THAT one right….for us anyway.    See ya JFK!!!


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