The Patriots struggled mightily against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. The 49ers went up early and held the Patriots to three points in the first half and went on to go up 31-3 by the third quarter.

Then things started clicking for the Pats as they went on to score 28 unanswered points to tie the game a 31, but the 49ers held the Pats off to win 41-34.

Former NFL center Mike Flynn joined Toucher & Rich in studio to discuss what happened to the Pats team that beat the Houston Texans with ease last week. The guys discussed the sloppy play on both sides.

Flynn commented that the play we saw out of the two teams on Sunday night was kind of uncharacteristic.

“First off sloppy game and if you look at San Francisco and obviously New England that’s not in their character, both of them. The giveaway/takeaway thing turnover-wise and was it the weather? I guess so, I mean it’s cold and it didn’t pour, but it rained a little and it was that slick type of weather and I could see with the ball at times. To me with the interceptions with Brady just bad decisions there and the fumbles great hits by San Francisco being very physical and then with San Francisco the fumbled snaps.”

After the great play by the Patriots secondary last week against the Texans most were not worried heading into Sunday night’s game, but unfortunately the defense gave up some pretty big plays. Why the regression this week when it looked as though the secondary was getting better?

“I thought Harbaugh came out with good coaching and was aggressive from the get-go, thew the ball, maybe got them on their heels a little bit, you saw some missed tackles.”

Plus, does Flynn think that Wes Welker was held on that play up the seam?


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