Damon Amendolara is taking a national gig with CBS Sports Radio and his last local show is this Friday.

Toucher & Rich have had a lot of fun with D.A. over the years, and have had some laughs at his expense. So for the next few days, the guys are going to take a listen to some of the best D.A. clips. This one comes from another visit to The Phantom Gourmet.

D.A. was on The Phantom Gourmet awhile back and Toucher & Rich got some great sound clips. Well he was back at it again this time embracing the jokes that T&R made about his last appearance. They start things off openly making fun of the night time host.

During the show he refers to himself as the Khaki Man. This gave the guys an idea for a new song based on the tune The Candy Man Can.

Listen to D.A. on the show comparing food to Boston athletes and then listen to the great song.

Listen to all the audio of D.A. on the Phantom Gourmet

The Khaki Man Can Song


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