HANOVER (CBS) – Technical rescue crews were called in to help free someone who had gotten stuck inside a wind turbine.

It’s unclear how that person wound up stuck, but fire officials confirmed that the person had fallen.

“Our EMT’s were able to ascend inside the tower and stabilize the victim,” Hanover Fire Chief Jeff Blanchard said.

With a confined space to work in, technical crews were brought in to perform the rescue.

“You have a lot of difficulty. The space itself is very unique – it’s cramped, it’s confined,” said Plymouth County Technical Rescue Chief Kevin Nord said. “The radios often don’t work too well, so communication is tough.”

Crews managed to free the victim.

“In this case, he was placed into a basket, lines were attached, and he was lowered down from that level,” Nord added. “He had to come down vertically, not horizontally.”

A waiting ambulance transported the victim to the hospital.

Authorities said the victim’s injuries were to the lower part of his body and, while it”s unclear how serious they may have been, the victim was conscious and alert when they took him to the hospital.

The turbine is located at a water treatment facility on Pond Street.


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