By Jon Keller, WBZ-TV Political Editor

BOSTON (CBS) – Senator John Kerry has always wanted to be Secretary of State, and it’s starting to look like he’ll get that chance. There’s a way to go before we get there, but if all goes well, depending on your opinion of the senator, we’ll be up to our ears in yet another special Senate election by the end of January.

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Already, the political world is compiling potential candidate lists.

There are likely few politicians above the selectman level in the state right now who aren’t thinking it over. After all, without a party convention to screen anyone out, just about anyone could run.

State law requires only that you be over 30, a registered voter, and be able to turn in 10,000 certified signatures. You don’t even have to live in Massachusetts now, as long as you move here before election day.

Really, anyone in the country could take a flyer on it. So before we have to get too serious about this possible race, let’s indulge in some fun speculation.

I’m not a big fan of show-biz celebrity candidates for office, but that seems to be an emerging trend with the likes of Ashley Judd and Stephen Colbert looking at runs. So lest we appear unhip, let’s consider some homegrown celebrity candidates.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are both politically active, and since this year is the 15th anniversary of “Good Will Hunting,” it might be fitting if one of them would run for Senate.

Campaign slogan: “How do you like them apples?”

And how about some sports stars? If he hadn’t decided to delay retirement and play awhile longer with the Celtics, Kevin Garnett would make a great senator.

Now that would be some memorable filibustering.

And frankly, if Bobby Orr said he wanted it, who are we to deny him?

From the arts world, Malcolm Rogers, the head of the Museum of Fine Arts, has proven he knows how to lead in a contentious environment.

Stevie Tyler from Aerosmith could secure our federal funding by threatening to sing the anthem to his colleagues unless he gets his way.

But wait, I’ve got it. Our state needs a sleek, brainy new senator who will stand up for our love of the sea.

Somebody help me on this – is Flipper still with us?

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