Felger and Mazz kicked off their agenda-free Friday by breaking down the 49ers-Patriots match-up this weekend.

Jim Harbaugh’s quarterbacking decision comes to a head this weekend, if the 49ers get blown out with Colin Kaepernick at QB Harbaugh doesn’t look so good, but if they win he’ll probably be considered a genius.

Felger believes that it’s going to be a tough game and that it’ll probably be really close. He went on to say that the 49ers defense on paper is the kind of defense that tends to give the Patriots problem, but goes on to say that the Pats will come out on top.

In discussing this game Mazz revealed that he’s a little annoyed with some of the callers and how they are thinking about this game. He’s bothered by the people out there saying that since the Pats blew out the Texans they’ll blow out the 49ers as well.

What do you think?


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