The Patriots rolled over the Texans on Monday Night Football and prepare to take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night at Gillette.

Patriots Hall of Famer Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh and Zo to discuss what he thinks about the upcoming match-up and the 49ers’ two quarterbacks.

Was the win over the Texans a product of the Patriots clicking and coming together at the right time or a Houston team not being ready for prime time?

“We talked about last week leading into that game that the Patriots, one of the things that has allowed them to go on this unprecedented run that they’ve been on for over a decade is that they continue to get better throughout the course of the season. Where some teams will fall off, whether it’s fatigue or injury or whatever it is. The Patriots seem to be able to build late in the season, their late season record is impeccable.”

The guys go on to discuss the two quarterbacks the 49ers have. Alex Smith went down for a week with injury and was replaced with Colin Kaepernick. What did Bledsoe have to say having gone through a similar thing here in New England with Tom Brady?

The guys also discussed the MVP voting. Is it Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning’s return season? Does Brady Need to win this game on Sunday to have a chance?


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