BOSTON (CBS) – The NHL lockout has cost people millions of dollars, hundreds of hours of employment, and, of course, the chance to enjoy some hockey this year.

But now, it’s gone way too far. Now, it’s claimed a friendship.

Because of the lockout, Zdeno Chara may never get another invite to Miroslav Satan’s birthday party.

In November, with Chara’s Prague Lions facing off against Satan’s Slovan team, the locked-out Bruins defenseman was in a hitting mood. Unfortunately for Satan, he got in Chara’s way on two different occasions.

The second collision is what left Satan so upset, and nearly paralyzed. Chara put a shoulder to Satan’s chin, which sent the forward to the ice bleeding.

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Satan has not played since, dealing with displaced vertebrae in his neck in addition to headaches. While the headaches have subsided a bit, he is still undergoing evaluations on his neck.

All of this, the forward said, came courtesy of a dirty hit by his former Bruins teammate — and former friend.

Satan did add he wants to clear the air with Chara, so there won’t be any drama when the two team up on the Slovak National team.

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Chara is one of the many Bruins players who went overseas while the NHL owners and NHLPA try to come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.


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