BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady and the New England Patriots made a statement on Monday Night Football, trouncing the Houston Texans 42-14.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday morning — once again from his hot tub — to break down the win, and what it means for the Patriots.

“I was definitely surprised,” Colvin said of the rout. “Going into the game you look at Houston as one of the dominant teams. For Bill’s game plan to come together, it was a great time for the guys on the team, and as Bill acknowledged after the game they felt good about themselves.”

Patriots-Texans: 4 Ups, 4 Downs

“Heading into this home stretch of the season, you have to get on a roll. They’re heading into the right direction,” he said.

Tom Brady put on a passing clinic, giving his MVP resume a boost with four more touchdowns and 296 yards.

“What you pull out of that game is the consistent effort the offense has had over the last four or five ball games. Josh (McDaniels) and Tom and the offense are getting back into the groove. It’s looking great,” said Colvin. “It’s great to see him and Brandon Lloyd on the same page. To take the running game they have with Wes (Welker), the traditional running game he has with the three or four running backs, the the sky is the limit for the guy.”

“Realistically, you’re one play away from being a four-time Super Bowl champ last year,” he said of Brady. “It’s not a stretch to say they could go deep in the playoffs if not back to the big game.”

Did Brady’s Monday night performance make him a lock for this year’s MVP award?

“I would have said it before. Peyton Manning is giving a strong case just because what he’s done (in Denver)… but you can’t ignore what Tom does each and every year,” said Colvin. “I would hate for people to pass that up. I know how hard he works every day, and not everyone gets to see that. Will we have a co-MVP? That may be the case, but if I had a vote –which I think I don’t, but I think I should from my hot tub – it would be for #12.”

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The Patriots did not make many mistakes Monday night, and when they did they didn’t let them snowball into anything worse. Colvin had nothing but praise for the New England coaching staff for having the team ready for their biggest game of the season on Monday night.

“It’s all coaching,” said Colvin. “Every team in the NFL has talent, but the difference between teams that win consistently and win all the time is coaching. You combine that with good quartback play and it’s hard to beat them. That’s been the mainstay in Foxboro for years with Tom and Bill.”

“You have to tip your hat to the coaching staff, and I can’t say enough about what Bill does with guys,” he continued. “You look at guys that are free agents, guys that have been cut from teams, guys that wouldn’t have a second chance. He puts them in an environment where they can make plays and they go out and perform.”

“It’s a culture,” he said. “When Junior Seau came in, he said you guys have a culture I’ve never seen or been a part of. That’s true, and I hope those young guys embellish it and continue to put a winning foundation going forward.”


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