RANDOLPH (CBS) – A homeowner in Randolph got quite a spook Saturday evening.

Minh Troung was returning to his Sunnyworth Lane home with his son, and found a burglar in his son’s bedroom.

He says he immediately pulled the door to the room and held it shut tightly to keep the man from getting at his family.

“I held the door tight. I don’t know how I did it,” Troung said.

He yelled for his 9-year-old son to grab his cell phone and call 911.

Moments later, he heard the intruder jump out the window.

“I heard him open the window, but I don’t know when he jumped.” Troung said.

Police searched the home for clues and canvassed the area, but could not find the intruder.

The suspect managed to steal a laptop, iPad, and jewelry.

Troung says he’s just happy no one was hurt.

“My life is more important,” he said. “Especially my kid.”


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