By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Yes, you will appreciate the warmth of your hot coffee, hot chocolate, or hot cereal this morning! Winds are still on the breezy side and temperatures are mainly in the 20s. This is resulting in a wind chill factor in the teens for many neighborhoods.  Regardless of the wall-to-wall sunshine that we’ll be receiving today, there will be a chill to the air all day as highs only make it to approximately 40F.

Friday will be partly sunny in the morning followed by overcast skies and a few showers arriving in the evening.  Highs will be in the middle to upper 40s.

This frontal boundary will be teetering back and forth throughout the weekend and early next week.  This will be the culprit to the unsettled weekend ahead.

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Saturday will be cloudy with a few showers. On a positive note, the temps will be mild around 50F.  Models are showing a surface high pushing the front far enough south on Sunday to provide a cooler day.  Highs will be in the middle 40s with a few showers.  With the colder temps expected on Sunday night with an east wind, there will be the chance of a rain/snow. Then, the front pushes north once again making for a mild, breezy, and rainy Monday.  Highs on Monday will reach the middle 50s.  The GFSx clears us out completely on Tuesday, but the EURO has the cold front getting hung up near the coast. It depicts a different picture with coastal showers/mix inland, especially late in the day.  We will continue to watch which way the models are trending.

Stay warm!  One alarm clock away…

~Melissa :)





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