By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Light snow, flurries, a rain/snow blend, and even plain ‘ol rain will move in throughout the morning hours.  The ‘bulk’ of the precipitation will remain south (offshore). There is potential of 1-3″ of snow for neighborhoods located between the Mass Pike and the Cape Cod Canal including today and tonight. North of the Pike will only see some flurries.  The Cape will mainly see just rain mixing in with a few snowflakes.  Highs will be between 35-40F today.

The majority of the wintry precipitation will shut off before midnight, but coastal enhancement will continue to produce rain/snow showers inside the 495 corridor through midday Wednesday.  Then, it will be a quiet afternoon with highs near 40F.

Thursday and Friday will be calm with plenty of sunshine. Highs will be near 40F on Thursday while high temps will be a degree or two cooler on Friday.

This weekend will be mainly dry with just a couple of bumps along the way.  Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a chance of a few snowflakes and rainsdrops. Highs will be near 40F.  Sunday will be mostly cloudy as well with a chance of late-day showers, which will continue into Sunday night.  Highs on Sunday will be in the upper 40s.

~Melissa :)


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