By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It has snowed off and on for almost the entire day and there is very little to show for it…thus far just coatings to around an inch of snow have been reported on the grass.  Surface temps have hovered slightly above freezing so far keeping roads wet and not snowcovered.  The storm system will slide south of the Islands later tonight bringing with it the rain and snow and we’ll see both taper off after midnight.  We still could see a couple of inches on the grass south of Boston by morning with an inch or less all other locals.

One thing I am concerned with is the formation of black ice…temps will slowly slide to or below 32 degrees by morning.  It would be wise to throw down some salt on the front steps and back deck along with sidewalks and driveways so you don’t slip in the morning.

The next several days will be pretty uneventful…a series of weak coldfronts will slide through the area reinforcing the cold airmass.  Temps will stay in the 30s to near 40 through Saturday.  A warmfront will pass through late Saturday triggering a few snowflakes, sleet pellets or icy drops during the day.  Behind the front we thaw out Sunday and Monday with highs close to 50 degrees!


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