A Blog by Gary LaPierre

      I’m really not sure what I’m searching for at times, but so long as the search continues, I’m convinced everything is going to be allright…..sooner or later. 

     First, before I get into my negative side, let me say the recent holiday season was spectacular for my family.   For the first time ever, we enjoyed a Thanksgiving Holiday Season together in Florida.     Thanksgiving is such a New England thing, the thought of having it elsewhere just didn’t seem to fit my DNA, but ya know what………it was great.    Our two sons, their wives and two of the four grandchildren were with us….in Florida.     The other two grandchildren are working adults now and couldn’t get the travel time but to have 8 out of 10 of us together was wonderful.   A lot of be thankful for, and I’m now looking forward to heading back to New England for the December Christmas Season.   Can’t wait!

     Now, back to the search….for whatever.   First, under the category of “who gives a rats rump”, what is the National Hockey League searching for?   Oblivion is about the only word I can come up with, but it’s down to one solution kids; cancel the rest of this season. You’ve already screwed it up to a fair-thee-well, you clearly don’t give a damn about the fans…and never have, and if you need any more evidence of that, look at the current plan of tossing out big chunks of the season a little bit at a time and to what end?  If you can’t see it already NHL, take another look.   It’s getting little or no press coverage for one huge reason……fewer and fewer people give a crap and you didn’t have that many followers in the first place.   Smarten up!!

     One more search; the Republican Party search for someone who can explain to the party, the new realities of American voters. I’ve been struggling with it for a couple of weeks now, wondering how a Chicago community organizer who became President of the United States and accomplished absolutely nothing in four years, could actually be voted in for another four years of nothingness.  But my answer remains the same; you cannot underestimate the intelligence of the American voter and, our rigid political partisanship (mine included) makes it impossible to agree with the position of the other party and God forbid we should have a civil conversation. I have friends (and family) who are from the other side of my political spectrum.  Often times, we simply avoid the subject and remain friends,  but my wife and I have one instance where a couple (friends for 50-years) will no longer speak or communicate with us because of their (her) political beliefs versus ours.  They get mad..they get angry and that is unhealthy left-wing lunacy I can do without.  Maybe some day we’ll all smarten up…but in the meantime….the search goes on….and on.


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