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Jay Talking Takes You To The Most Spectacular Waterfall In New Hampshire.

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Bradley Jay is the host of WBZ’s Jay Talking, weekday overnights from...
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My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs every Sunday evening at 10pm on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Consider this:

Arethusa Falls is the most impressive waterfall in the Granite State. It only takes a mile and a half hike to watch Bemis Brook splash down across a rock cliff that will make you dizzy, and it is one of the coolest destinations in the White Mountains. The hike is fairly easy and you can do it even if you are wildly out of shape, like I am. The trail is well marked from a trailhead that is very near the famous and gothic looking “Frankenstein Cliff.” No special equipment is necessary unless you consider a nip of whiskey “necessary.” I actually saw one woman on the trail wearing “bunny” bedroom slippers. The whole round trip should take about two and a half hours. Make sure you have a camera with you because you will want to show your friends a photo of you at the Falls. It is AWESOME!

Click play to see the video of the wonderful day-trip destination that is awaiting your visit.

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