BOSTON (CBS) – It is holiday travel season, but it also may be lost luggage season for airline customers.

Surveys show that airlines lose 35 percent more bags during the month of December.

One passenger is just seeing an end to his travel nightmare.

Bruce Clark turned to WBZ for help after losing his bag on a United flight back in August. He was on a three-week vacation. Because his luggage was gone, he had to buy new clothes, shoes and personal items for his trip.

Clark says he made multiple calls to United and filled out a claim. He says he got no answers for months.

“Not a letter, no phone call, no email,” he said.

Finally, last week, United called saying they had found his bag. The bag was returned, but Clark has not received any compensation or any contact about the expenses he incurred.

“I basically paid $55 for them to lose my luggage,” he said.

WBZ called United and got answers in just hours.

The company spokesman says on the “rare occasion” that customers luggage is lost, the company does its best to return it in a timely manner.

He apologized for the delay returning Clark’s bag.

But he says as soon as Clark sends in receipts they will reimburse him for “reasonable” expenses.


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