Albert Breer of the NFL Network joined Gresh & Zo to talk about the Patriots moving on without star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

“You can replace [Aaron] Hernandez with production from a Wes Welker. This is different. This is a guy who’s in there on every snap,” Breer said of Gronkowski.

“I’ll be fascinated to see is if they think that Hernandez has gotten to the point as a blocker where they can go out there in a three-receiver set and line him up in line. Coming out of college, he could not do that. … I know they think he’s gotten better as a blocker, so it’ll be really interesting to see.”

Should Gronk have been in the game late in the blowout on Sunday?

“It’s a freak thing, but I think it’s a fair question to ask when you’re up by that much and you’ve got the flexibility to give a guy a break,” Breer said.

Zolak said that there’s no unit on the team more cemented than the field goal/PAT unit, but Breer said the decision can still be questioned based on the way the Patriots have handled injuries.



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