Toucher & Rich: Comedian ‘Vick Reilly’ Bombs At Open Mic Night

In case you missed it, ESPN’s Rick Reilly is proud of his Twitter account. Like, really proud.

Reilly’s on-air request to promote his Twitter account Monday night piqued the interest of Toucher & Rich, and the guys spent some time this week mocking some of the jokes the millionaire sports writer makes on the social networking site.

But were Toucher & Rich being unfair? Might some people actually find Rick Reilly funny?

To find out, they sent Adolfo to an open mic night at a comedy club to read the tweets under the pseudonym “Vick Reilly.” The results, well, you’ll have to hear for yourself.

Some of the gems that “Vick read to the crowd include:

“‘Who are you starting at tight end in fantasy this week?’ Signed, no wife ever.”

“Played 18 with Michael Phelps on Tuesday. Has a nice swing, plus when he drives into the water hazard, he just dives in and gets it.”

“Why is the NFL risking a $9 billion biz on a 10-cent ref squabble? It’s like letting Snooki do your taxes because you’re mad at your accountant.”

“Check please!”

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