BOSTON (CBS) – Tired of the NHL lockout, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh has a message for Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.

“Mr. Jacobs, you are killing all of us right now. All we’re looking for is a little leadership, a little bit of a realization that the people around here want to embrace you – and I can’t stress that enough. I really do believe if you do right by the hockey fans around here, you’ll be absolved for sins of the past and be regarded as a hero,” started Gresh.

“Mr. Jacobs, you have a chance to create and cement a legacy, and I hope in some way that matters to you,” he continued. “I hope in some way, that if you hear this or the cries of some people who just want hockey back and want to support your team, please understand that’s why people were so disappointed when you got involved in these negotiations. It broke people’s hearts, because we had some hope.”

“People were not screaming for the owners to just give away everything to the players to get it done; we all understand there is compromise,” said Gresh. “But look across to your brethren, to Robert Kraft, and look what he did (for the NFL).”

“Your constituency is hurting, and they are pining for you to do one thing: be a leader. You can do that; you can walk into that room and fix this. You can walk into that room and make that constituency say ‘maybe I haven’t liked you, or forgiven you, but thank you because you gave us our sport back.’”

“Try to be reasonable, and don’t go in there and break it up. Go in there and fix it,” said Gresh. “I understand it’s about making money, that it’s a capitalistic society. I think everyone understands that. But at some point common sense has to come into play.”

“For the sake of your fans, be the guy that walks in the room to fix the problem. You have the ability to do that, and the ability to do good business while doing that. You have the ability, Mr. Jacobs, to fix this.”

Listen to Gresh’s entire message to Jeremy Jacobs:


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