MAYNARD (CBS) – A teacher’s aide at Maynard High School has been arrested for allegedly providing alcohol and marijuana to four students.

According to police, 41-year-old Jennifer Olsen smoked marijuana with the students in her car and on school property in two separate incidents in October. After one of the incidents, police say Olsen bought the teens alcohol.

Olsen was fired by the Maynard School Department on November 5 after she failed to attend an administrative hearing with school officials.

“These are very troubling allegations, where the defendant furnished illegal substances to youth in violation of law and the trust place in her by the town of Maynard,” District Attorney Gerry Leone said.

Olsen was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, distribution of marijuana, drug violation in a school zone (two counts), and procuring alcohol for a minor (four counts). She will be arraigned Tuesday morning in Concord District Court.

Concord District Court Judge Martine Carroll released the defendant on $1,000 cash bail with conditions that she have no contact with any victims or witnesses and stay away from all Maynard School Department property.


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