BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots owner Robert Kraft never considered firing head coach Bill Belichick after the infamous “Spygate” scandal in 2007, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t bothered by the whole ordeal.

The Boston Globe’s Greg Bedard reviewed New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers’ new book, “Coaching Confidential: Inside the Fraternity of NFL Coaches,” and he included some noteworthy tidbits about Kraft’s relationship with Belichick in the wake of the videotaping of coaches that resulted in heavy fines for the team and Belichick as well as the loss of a first-round draft pick.

Bedard quoted the book, in which Kraft asked Belichick, “How much did this help us on a scale of one to 100?” After Belichick replied with “one,” Kraft didn’t mince his words.

“Then you’re a real schmuck,” Kraft told Belichick.

Kraft’s disappointment seemed to be more with the negative attention it brought to the team, rather than the act of videotaping itself.

“Look what happened with this bogus thing with the Jets,” Kraft told Myers. “You know how many teams steal signals? That’s bupkis. … We kicked [the Jets] off our roof [in 2006 for filming Patriots coaches].”


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