By Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – First there was Superstorm Sandy, one of the strongest storms to affect the northeast on record. Then, a powerful November nor’easter bringing the season’s first snowfall with winds matching Sandy’s power blow for blow. There are not many times in recent memory where a hurricane was followed by a nor’easter.

AccuWeather’s Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno says we have not seen anything like this in the past 20-30 years, but if it were going to happen, this is the time of year it would occur.

Lately, conditions have been perfect for an explosive weather pattern.

“First of all, we have the time of the year where we have the warmer tropical air interacting with the colder air into Canada,” says Rayno. “Secondly, we have blocking where storm systems which usually just move out to sea can move up the coast.”

The weather has taken it’s toll on millions of people in the Northeast. Luckily, it looks like the weather will be providing a much needed break.

“I think this weather pattern is going to be changing over the next couple weeks,” he says. “I think it will relax as we get into December.”

With a such a stormy start, this has some wondering what this means for our upcoming winter.

“Late December into January is where I think we have to watch out,” he says.

“I do believe the blocking that we have seen along the east coast, while I think it will disappear in the coming weeks, it may reemerge for the middle of the winter.”


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