Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins for a Wiggy Tuesday. With Jermaine in studio, that means one thing, 10 Questions with Wiggy. Topics included: The election, the NBA, the Celtics, Pats, and much more.

Felger’s 10 Questions to Wiggy:

10. Obama or Romney? Why?

9. Who is the most under-rated NFL coach?

8. You were spotted courtside at the Celtics on Friday night. If you could sit in any one seat for any one sporting event, what would it be?

7. If you could bring back one player from the Super Bowl winning years for the Pats, who would it be?

6. Who is your favorite political commentator? Least favorite?

5. Other than Larry David, if you could pick one celebrity to get into a fight with, who would it be?

4. Who will be in the BCS national title game?

3. What’s been the best movie of 2012?

2. Who is the most overrated player on the Patriots?

1. Who will be elected president of the United States in 2016?


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