By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Today will be seasonable, but this weekend, the air will have a slight ‘bite’ to it.  High will be in the middle 50s today amongst the clouds, peeks of sun, and a raindrop or two for southeastern Massachsetts this afternoon/evening.  The slight chance of rain is due to a shortwave rotating around this upper level trough that just doesn’t seem to go away! ;)

This first weekend of November will be a cool one with highs flirting with 50F.  It will be breeziest on Saturday and sunniest on Sunday. Generally-speaking, it will be a partly cloudy to mostly sunny weekend. ***(DST Ends this Sunday at 2am.  Turn clocks BACK one hour, and enjoy the ‘extra’ hour of sleep!)

It will remain non-eventful through early next week, but highs will not even climb out of the 40s on Monday or Tuesday. Then, a coastal storm is showing up on the models for Wednesday and Thursday.  The GFSx shows a more easterly track with cool enough air wrapping in to produce wintry precipitation across the far interior and higher elevations. The EURO shows a more westerly track with warmer air in the vicinity which depicts a rainy scenario. The higher elevations of Northern New England may still get wintry precip. with this solution.  For the most part, I’d plan for a mostly rain event for our viewing area for now.  As we look at the track record for these models, I feel more comfortable putting slightly more trust with the EURO, but with this storm being 6 days out, a lot can and most likely will change. We will be following the latest.

GFSx depiction…

gfsUS 0 prec 138 Weekend Chill

EURO depiction…

ecmwfNA 850 temp 144 Weekend Chill

From the waning gibbous moon to the the view of Jupiter, check this link out for details about your night sky observations this weekend.

Happy FRRRiday!

~Melissa :)





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