November 3, 2012
If your home or business was impacted by hurricane Sandy, on this edition of “Centro” we share some important information you should know about. Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s office wants to make sure you are well informed of the choices you have, when it comes to repairing your home or business. WBZ’s Yadires Nova-Salcedo talks to two representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Director of Emergency Management, Rene Fielding and Director for the Department of Neighborhood Development, Sheila Dillon. Tune in!

wbz tvs yadires nova salcedo with rene fielding sheila dillon 2 Important Information for Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Boston Mayor Tom Menino
24-hour Hotline
Twitter: @NotifyBoston
BUSINESS: 617-635-0355
HOME: 617-635-HOME (4663)

Homeowner’s insurance should cover damages resulting from flying debris, fallen trees, broken glass, and similar causes.
Most insurance policies will not provide coverage for flooding damages.
Be in touch with insurance agents as soon as possible to discuss what damage is covered and what steps should be taken to file a claim.
Do not provide personal information, such as Social Security, credit card, or bank number to ANYONE unless confident of that person’s identity. Residents should not assume people knocking on doors with clipboards or official-looking forms are legitimate representatives of an insurance company or the government.
Do not jump into a home repair plan before doing appropriate research. Those who have suffered damage from a storm are understandably anxious to return to normal, but reasonable precautions should still be taken.
Be on alert when anyone comes door-to-door offering their services for work after an emergency. Legitimate contractors rarely seek business in this way. Even if it’s not a scam, these contractors may provide low quality materials, second-rate work, or substandard service.
Interview at least three contractors.  Ask for references, and get a written estimate.
Check on the contactor’s registration at the Board of Building Regulations and Standards at 617-727-3200, or at
Ask for written detailed contract.  It must contain the contractor’s registration number and the price of the work.
Don’t pay everything up front.  The contractor by law can’t collect more than one-third in advance unless specific materials are ordered.
For more information about any of the above issues, contact the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs & Licensing at 617-635-3834.

Watch CENTRO with Yadires Nova Salcedo on WBZ TV-4 (CBS Boston) Saturday’s at 7:50am.

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